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About Office Space:

Founded by Alexis Davidson and Albert Abdul-Barr Wang in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah in the Christmas of 2020 as an office desk with temporary spaces, Office Space is a young, cutting-edge, experimental gallery seeking to address political and controversial themes, as well as highly conceptual work(s) which do not fit the mold of a traditional, uncontested space. Some folks like to think out of the box; we prefer to box with our thoughts instead…

The concept of an art gallery as a long-term art installation based on the structure of an office space was derived from the Mike Judge film of the same name in combination with John Pilson’s monograph Interregna. That movie is a deadpan satire of neo-liberal capitalism whereas that photo book is a documentation of office thug life; our staff hopes to observe a similar inquiring and irreverent spirit of rebellion that observes and explores the frontiers of contemporary art with critical theory. Currently we represent both emerging and mid-career artists. We combine a liminal position between commercial art gallery and artist + art historian collective.

Office Space is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) and Artfare.

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